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AEE Welcomes New Corporate Member, Cimetrics!



Founded in 1989, Cimetrics is a world leader and innovator in the field of physical world analytics and is a supplier of cybersecurity and networking technology for automation systems in buildings and facilities. Cimetrics’ flagship solution, Analytika, is a hardware and software monitoring-based commissioning platform that mines an extensive set of BAS data and runs thousands of algorithms to help identify opportunities to address facility issues and save energy. It also has a value-added function of highlighting potential operational issues that may be of concern, and more importantly the underlying causes so they can be addressed. Analytika provides energy savings, sustainability and tenant comfort to energy, facility and sustainability managers in the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Higher Education, Healthcare and Government market sectors. Cimetrics’ BACnet products provide cybersecurity and networking technology, including hardware, embedded software and consulting services for building automation systems as well as to BAS OEM manufacturers and their channel partners.

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