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Energy Savings in Local Industries (ESLI 2018)

A one day seminar was conducted by the Department of Chemical Engineering and AEE UET Peshawar Chapter on January 3, 2018 to showcase energy audits conducted by students for fifteen local industries in Peshawar, Pakistan. This seminar consisted of a talk on the need for energy savings by Prof. Dr. M.A. Irfan (Chapter Mentor) and a poster exhibition by students of 5th semester of Chemical Engineering Department of UET Peshawar.

Energy Awareness Drive 2018
A three day program was organized by AEE UET Peshawar Chapter on March 27-29, 2018 to increase awareness about energy crises and to introduce the local student chapter to faculty and students. Energy awareness drive consisted of awareness sessions, and a seminar on energy conservation opportunities in Pakistan.

Summer Course on Energy Engineering
A summer course was taught by Dr. Muhammad Imran Ahmad, Faculty Advisor of AEE UET Peshawar Chapter, on Energy Engineering in which students performed walk through audits of six marble industries and also performed experiments to recycle water after waste water treatment.