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AEE Spain Chapter V Networking Conference in Barcelona

The V Networking Conference of the AEESpain Chapter was held in Barcelona the 22th February. This session was focused to energy efficiency in the industry. First of all, the Head of the Industry Unit of the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), Mariona Coll, explained the actions of the public administration has done to promote the figure of the Energy Manager. Also Phd Engineer, Xavier Ayneto,  presented a keynote about the future of the industry 4.0.

For a detailed information of the event, Adrian Gómez (AEESpain Chapter member) posted a blog:

In addition, the members of the Chapter, Marc Masó and Cristina Soler, presented the last chapter novelties , especially the celebration of the first Congress of Energy Engineering of the AEESpain Chapter in Madrid on June 27 and 28. The event ended with a ceremony of CEM certificates delivery and the traditional networking reception.

The ICAEN has more than 10 certificates from the AEE and has always supported the AEE and collaborates with the organization of the CEM courses to be held in its headquarters. Also the institution won the last “Institutional Energy Management” Regional Award in Western Europe. The next CEM seminar in Barcelona starts next 11th of May. More info:–examen


All session attendees including Juanjo Escobar (Head of Institutional Relations @ ICAEN), Mariona Coll (Head of Industry Unit @ ICAEN) and Phd. Xavier Ayneto.