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AEE South Africa Helping Advance Youth

The AEE chapter and team in South Africa embarked on its third round of the Energy Skills Programme for Youth, developing learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds within the energy industry. This round of learners will be working towards the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) AEE program, and as a basis, tests and exams are aligned to South African qualification modules to prepare them for the international examination.

This group kicked off with a work-readiness program, followed by the theoretical energy auditing syllabus, whereafter a safety module was presented followed by a practical energy audit was done in an educational institution. Further training in the area of South African energy-efficient building standards and regulations are part of the program towards developing the learners to implement these requirements for the country. This project is funded by the Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Toursim (LEDET) Department.