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AEE PSUT Student Chapter Visit Philadelphia Solar

The Association of Energy Engineers Student Chapter at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT AEE) in Amman Jordan, visited Philadelphia Solar PV Modules manufacturing plant and mounting structure manufacturing plant in Qastal area about 30Km away from Amman, on Wednesday April 5th, 2017. AEE PSUT president and board help organize the four hours field trip to AEE PSUT Student Chapter members and it was open to all students as well. The group was accompanied by faculty advisor Dr. Omar AlObaidy.

The plant celebrated its 10th year in operation this year. It is exporting PV modules to over 40 countries around the world and has the largest market share in Jordan as well. The Plant started operating in the local market after the issuing of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law (13) year 2012. It has over 200 Jordanian employees that are providing the sales, design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and operation of PV plants around the country.  The plant has assembly lines for crystalline cells. The cells can be mono or poly crystalline, and the efficiency of the PV modules is over 18%. Philadelphia Solar is now offering PV modules (1mx2m) with 365W power capacity.

The students received a detailed tour of the plant and listened to the explanation of Philadelphia solar engineers to the process of building a PV module from the components. The production line has robots to assemble the PV cells and different layers of components and then it is checked and assembled semi automatically with skilled technicians on the production line.The Plant has its own PV generating system as well and has been generating its electricity from the Sun for several years now.

Philadelphia Solar opened its PV mounting structure manufacturing plant in 2015 and was successful in completing the 12MWp project at its plant in the north of Jordan and already completed its 1st year in operation with production of 22GHW annually. The mounting structure is now offered locally as well.Networking with the industrial sector is important to the students to enable them to complete their university training during Summer which is required from each engineering student to complete before they graduate. Engineering students have the opportunity to work in renewable energy manufacturing or design or installation. In addition, linkage with industry is important to students who are interested in developing their graduation projects with ideas to improve the production processes or any of the stages from design until the operation of the PV Plants.