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AEE presents first Performance Contracting and Funding Certification course with Taqati in UAE

Dr. Eric Woodroof, with TAQATI/BUiD team and course attendees

The first Performance Contracting and Funding Certification (PCF) course was held in the UAE, from 18 to 20 September 2018, at the British University in Dubai (BUiD) under the Dubai Energy Efficiency Training Program, launched by Taqati (DSM Program Management Office) as part of its recent mandate.

The PCF program, helps better finance energy projects and effectively apply performance contracting and creative funding models based on best practices. The course was specifically designed for CFOs and financial managers, financiers, ESCO and solar professionals, facility managers and building owners to help address biggest barriers to getting energy projects approved and implemented, the lack of upfront capital.

Ali Al Jassim, CEO, Etihad ESCO, said: “We are proud to introduce latest globally accredited energy efficiency trainings programs in Dubai to drive the regional market growth. Although energy projects deliver attractive and long-lasting financial benefits, many professionals do not possess the necessary skill sets to effectively navigate and design their financing options. PCF course is designed to bridge this skill gap by building the right capabilities to achieve Dubai’s ambitious target of 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption by 2030.”

Taqati set up under Etihad Energy Service Company (Etihad ESCO), launched the Dubai Energy Efficiency Training Program in April 2018 in partnership with BUiD, AEE and IIET.