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AEE National Capital Chapter Community Service Project

AEE/NCC, in partnership with the Assistance League of Northern Virginia worked together to help feed hungry kids.  The regularly scheduled “Weekend Food for Kids Packing Event” held by the Assistance League was amplified by AEE/NCC.  This community service event was held at the Dominion Energy office facility in Herndon.  Together, we packed 1650 food bags for kids who need supplemental food on the weekends. We started packing at 10 am and finished packing by 11:30 am. The food packages were delivered directly to six Title I elementary schools in Northern Virginia to feed kids who lack food resources at home on the weekends.

In addition to supporting the very important mission of providing sustenance to the neediest of families in our area, the Association of Energy Engineers added a new benefit.  AEE/NCC purchased 500 LED lamps to assist families in the reduction of energy costs in their home.  The lamps were purchased at wholesale cost from Capital Tristate.  The lamps were Sylvania A19, 9Watt, Dimmable, 80CRI, 800Lumen (60Watt equivalent), 2700K, 15,000Hr rated, and ENERGY STAR certified.  Assuming all 500 lamps will be used for 15,000 hours and that energy costs $0.10 per kWh the savings will be as follows:  25.5 kW reduction to the demand on the local grid, 382,500 kWh of energy use eliminated, $38,250 in energy costs eliminated.  Each family who gets a single bulb will experience a $2.70 capital cost for the purchase of the bulb as well as a $76.50 energy cost reduction for the operation of the bulb.  In essence, AEE/NCC in partnership with the Assistance League is providing a benefit worth $79.20 to each family receiving an LED lamp.  Community Service Event Chair, Michael Barancewicz pulled together this excellent and effective community service event.