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AEE German Jordanian University Student Chapter Ramadan Breakfast

On June 6th, The Association of Energy Engineers Student Chapter at the German Jordanian University along with the Concrete University Club held a one of a kind dinner for underprivileged orphans at the German Jordanian University campus during the holy month of Ramadan. The main objective of this community service activity was to inspire and spread knowledge. The event consisted of five parallel stages; Renewable Energy Lab; where the children became more familiar with renewable energy sources and learnt fundamental knowledge about electricity through experiments and illustrations, Chemistry Lab; where they produced lotion, Design Lab; where they designed packaging for said lotion, Entrepreneurship Lab where they learned about value, quality, business market and pricing, and a Space Room; where they watched a NASA documentary. The event concluded with a Ramadan feast, music and gifts for the orphans.

Ahmad Al-Mughrabi, Student

Faisal Salem, Student

Tamara Jammany, Student