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AEE Announces New Corporate Tier Pricing

AEE is excited to announce that we have NEW Corporate Tier Pricing available for our Corporate Members! We will be hosting four (4) Zoom calls between December 8th and December 10th to explain the new pricing model, and we invite all of our Corporate Members to attend at the time that correlates to their company’s size. During the call(s), we will review the following information and then open the call up to questions:

  • Why is AEE offering the new Corporate Tiers?
  • What is in it for my company to migrate to a new level?
  • What if I am happy now – can I stay where I am at?
  • When will these changes go into effect?

Please find the following informational call registration options:

Company Size: 1-10 Employees
December 8th  |  11:00 AM (EST)
Register Here

Company Size: 11-250 Employees
December 8th  |  1:00 PM (EST)
Register Here

Company Size: 251+ Employees
December 10th  |  11:00 AM (EST)
Register Here

Lifetime Corporate Members or interested in Becoming a Lifetime Member
December 10th  |  1:00 PM (EST)
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