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A Letter from the 2023 President of the Board

Eric Oliver_22World

Dear AEE Family,

Hello and Happy New Year to the extended AEE Family! 

We have a lot to be excited for as we start 2023. I am honored and energized to serve as the Board President this year, and I hope to continue the amazing momentum we have achieved over the past two years.   

The pandemic era is a distant memory, and since the recovery began, AEE not only survived but thrived, with growing membership, conference attendance, and professional certifications. With the wind at our backs, there are several initiatives we will pounce on this year:

  • We will strive to make our membership and leadership more closely resemble the diversity of society and will focus first on increasing the participation of women as members and Leaders in AEE. We call on all of you to attract more women members to your chapters and elevate the many qualified women members to Chapter, and National, leadership positions. We will also focus on extending outreach to minority energy professionals to promote the extensive benefits of membership.
  • Recognizing that our meetings and conferences are the primary vehicles for bringing the Family together, we will continue to add FUN to our events, making our conferences the “Must Go” events of the year.

    Our mission as energy engineers is more important than it ever has been. Energy efficiency is the path of least resistance among the many tools we as a people have to combat climate change. Reducing our own energy consumption can be as easy as turning off lights, computers, fans, or setting back thermostats, and large investments in reducing consumption have better financial returns than nearly any other kind of investment. The future of energy production must move towards clean renewable, and safe nuclear energy, which will require our collective vision and collaboration.  

Our AEE Family consists of literally tens of thousands of experts and professionals who can help make this happen. We can accomplish much more together than individually, so if you’re not already a member, join our Family. If you are already a member, join us at chapter meetings and conferences, learn about new products, hear experts share their ideas, and let’s figure this all out together. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and meet great colleagues – and we’re going to have a lot of fun this year!

All the Best,

Eric OliverPresident
Association of Energy Engineers