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2021 February Member Webinar | Dale Edginton & Will Wilson

Hydronic Additives: Improving the Efficiency of Water Based Heating and Cooling Systems

by Dale Edginton, Operations Manager – North America at Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd.,
and Will Wilson, Sustainability Manager at Pace Solutions

Tuesday, February 23, 2021  |  2:00-3:00 PM (EST)

Water is used in millions of closed loop heating/cooling systems across North America. Hydronic Additives are a new Energy Conservation Measure designed to improve efficiency of these systems by up to 15%. Discover the development of these new products and how organizations and utilities across North America are taking advantage of these quick wins. Plus discover how hydronic additives are putting a spotlight on water treatment to increase system health and overall efficiency of closed loop HVAC systems.


Dale Edginton is the Operations Manager for Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd in North America, and the main product manager for EndoTherm. Having worked the launch of the product in 2013, Dale has run over 1,000 commercial case studies and seen the product installed into over 100,000 systems worldwide. EndoTherm is now recognized with utility rebates in 3 countries (UK, Ireland and Canada) with multiple utility reviews being undertaken across the continent. EndoTherm has been installed by some of the world’s largest companies including the US Navy, BGIS, HSBC, Heathrow Airport to name just a few.

As the Sustainability Manager at Pace Solutions, Will Wilson is focused on innovative solutions that address building energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. He believes in connecting people with the knowledge to solve conservation issues while protecting the built and natural environment.  Over the last few years, Will’s projects have resulted in 10,000 tonnes of reduced ghg emissions with clients ranging from commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings.