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2019 April Member Webinar – Tom Tolan

The Art of Implementing & Facilitating a Sustainable Energy Management Program & Procress
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Tom Tolan, Vice President – Engineering, Tier Reit

Energy Management is a broad statement that encompasses a wide variety of technologies, operating conditions, personnel and personalities, and we need to consider all of them to have an effective and efficient Sustainable Energy Management Program. All four need to work in conjunction with one another and have a continuous open communications process on a regularly scheduled basis in order for it to be a successful program. By having regularly scheduled physical site visits and conference calls that include multiple team members that have and actively participate in, already implemented energy conservation opportunities or going to implement them. Without this process, the true meaning of energy management gets lost and becomes just another “buzz” statement. If properly implemented and facilitated on a regularly scheduled basis, the results are incredible and huge benefits unfold, most of which you will find by no-cost, low-cost and or repair and maintenance type dollars, not the large capital dollars that so many like to discuss. By identifying and implementing many little energy conservation opportunities, you will find more other than not, the need for capital dollars not necessarily having to be spent on energy conservation opportunities. If this type of process was implemented and facilitated throughout just commercial office buildings in the United States, the results regarding energy reduction and cost would be staggering. The buildings would be way more efficient which translates to being more competitive in the market place and increasing that buildings value by operating it more efficiently for less cost.