2020 AEE International Award Winners

Through its International Awards Program, the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) shines light on the important work that is being done by individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations. These awards identify those who exemplify the very best in their fields.

The 2020 International Awards were presented virtually on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. You can watch the ceremony here

Energy Engineer of the Year
Emily Thorn Corthay​

Emily Thorn Corthay, P.Eng., MASc., CEM, CMVP, Thorn Associates Founder and CEO, has dedicated the past 17 years helping stakeholders understand and realize the benefits of energy engineering. 

Multilingual, she has assisted her clients in achieving over $100M in implemented energy savings in over 15 countries. As volunteer Chair of the Energy Task Force (2016-present) and Board Director of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (2016-2019), Emily provides energy policy recommendations to government. 

An instructor of the Certified Energy Manager course since 2015, keynote speaker, and author of 10 papers on energy engineering, Emily is a recognized energy management leader.

Corporate Energy Management
Rudin Management Company

Representing one of the largest privately-owned portfolios of real estate in NYC, Rudin Management Company (RMC) has long considered energy-management to be an integral part of good building operations. By employing innovative strategies to track and manage energy consumption in their commercial portfolio, RMC has dramatically reduced GHG emissions, enhanced tenant experience, and reduced energy-costs. RMC’s innovative approach to energy-management using a homegrown smart building system "Nantum" has resulted in significant reductions in portfolio-wide consumption. At the end of 2017, the 15 properties using Nantum together achieved a 48% reduction in GHG-emissions compared to 2005_baseline. A NYSERDA-study verifies the savings.



Institutional Energy Management
University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati (UC), a STARS-Gold campus, spans over 15 million square feet. UC’s Utility Energy Plan has incorporated sustainability and energy conservation into its culture. Through 2018 UC has reduced CO2 emissions by 81% (versus 2008 levels), despite a 24% increase in enrollment. In parallel, implementation of this plan has resulted in a reduction in Utilities spend of $5.1M over that same period, and reduced Utilities cost/GSF by 22%, which has kept Utility rates constant for six years (projected to stay flat for another seven years) and helped maintain tuition costs constant over five years.


Energy Professional Development
Bassam Abu-Hijleh

Prof. Bassam Abu-Hijleh is the Dean of Faculty of Eng&IT and the Atkins Chair of the MSc and PhD Sustainability programmes at the British University in Dubai (BUiD). He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. He has 30 years of post-PhD experience in energy-related teaching, research, and training with focus on energy-related topics including Renewable Energy, Energy Management & Conservation, Advanced Energy Production & Distribution Practices and Energy Policy & Regulations. Bassam is a certified CEM, CEA, CMVP, PCF, and CBCP trainer. 



Energy Manager of the Year
Lawrence (Larry) Fabina

During his 47 years in the steel industry, Larry Fabina held a series of managerial positions at Bethlehem Steel, International Steel Group, Mittal Steel and ArcelorMittal, 
ranging from Turn Supervisor to Plant Manager. 

In 2006, Larry was named “Manager of Continuous Improvement” and Coordinator of the ArcelorMittal’s USA Energy Reduction Program. Under Larry’s leadership, ArcelorMittal USA attained over $35M in government and utility incentives for energy projects. 

Under Larry's leadership and upper management support, ArcelorMittal USA as the first steel company to join the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Plants Program and the EPA ENERGY STAR® program. ArcelorMittal USA has been recognized by the ENERGY STAR program twice as a “Partner of the Year” and then attained their highest recognition of “Sustained Excellence” four times for their energy management program.

Larry is a very vocal proponent for energy efficiency and energy management. Through the years, Larry has actively and openly shared his tips, tricks, practices and secrets with anyone would listen. He has routinely spoken at various conferences, webinars and events. In addition, he has actively written, or been featured in, numerous articles where he has highlighted and shared many insights.

Energy Project of the Year: National
The Heart Center LED Lighting Project​

The Heart Center is a 206,000 square foot, 4-story medical building with an adjoining parking garage constructed in 2001. The majority of the lighting utilized within the building was produced by T8 fluorescent tubes, in addition to fluorescent “can” lighting.  The LED Lighting Retrofit Project was carried out between May 10 and July 30, 2018, replacing existing fluorescents with LED bulbs and fixtures. The Project Manager was Patrick Curtis, with Tom Hudson providing documentation support. The total project cost was $47,122 ($21,221 for labor and $25,911 for materials). Annual Electrical Savings was calculated to be $49,959 ($63,192 to $13,233 at the current electrical rate of the time.)  As a result of replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, a 79% reduction in electrical cost was achieved (120,409 watts to 25,340 watts) with a 45% increase in lighting (8,570 foot candles to 12,425 foot candles measured 3 feet above the floor). The LED bulbs also came with a 10-year replacement warranty.   Return on Investment (ROI) was calculated to be 0.94 years (11.3 months). Additionally, the number of lighting-related maintenance calls dropped from an average of 103 per year (period 2015 through 2017) to 12 (in 2019). This resulted in an estimated annual maintenance cost reduction of $6,599.  Watch the video tour to see how 'bright' this project really is!

Energy Project of the Year: International
The South Africa National Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project

The South Africa National Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project works to mainstream Energy Management Systems, Energy Systems Optimization, and the Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 and to help realize increased investment in industrial energy efficiency.  This project was the first of its kind globally and is indisputably the most successful national project implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa. The project has successfully trained 39 SANS/ISO 50001 Lead Auditors, held more than 320 training workshops, and achieved industry participation in more than 150 large companies and 227 SMEs. 

The South African government continues to prioritize industrial energy efficiency (IEE) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation through key strategies, policies and legislation on energy, climate change mitigation, industrial competitiveness and economic development. The IEE Project promotes economic growth gender mainstreaming, and poverty alleviation pursuing economic growth in a sustainable manner. In line with Government policy on inclusive employment, the project includes measures that ensures socially and economically inclusive employment as a key driver to alleviate poverty and to ensure long term social stability.

Innovative Energy Project of the Year
“Bônus Motor” Program: Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Driving Force Segment​

Aware that investing in actions energy savings is more feasible than investing in the expansion of the electric power system, Celesc has developed the "Bônus Motor" Program. The program promoted energy efficiency by replacing old or reconditioned motors for new motors, more moderns and more efficients, using a variable financial bonus system depending on the old motor power and the new motor performance. It's a very simple way to drastically reduce the investment needed to purchase a high efficiency motor that will provide substantial energy savings, enabling its participants to consume less electricity and increasing their competitiveness.


Energy Innovator of the Year
Saqib Sajjad

Mr. Saqib is leading the energy efficiency drive at the ADNOC Gas Processing, one of the largest gas processing companies in the world. He led numerous studies & initiatives and contributed in energy efficiency improvement at the operating facilities as well as in the projects. He has introduced numerous novel, innovative and creative initiatives. Mr. Saqib proposed and demonstrated viability of utility scale solar CSP integration with the thermal energy network of Oil & Gas Industry and also underlined the vital role of large scale renewables in energy intensive ultra-sour gas processing. His proposition to remove power block from Solar CSP indicated significant reduction in CAPEX and thermal efficiency improvement, resulting in lower unit cost of renewable energy. He conceptualized and developed methodology for process-units benchmarking, which identified substantial energy and monetary savings. He introduced integrated model based concept of assured energy optimization in projects resulting in considerable OPEX and CAPEX reduction. Mr. Saqib is a prolific writer and a speaker, consistently advocating renewables and energy efficiency. He has twenty-five conference papers and publications (22 in just last four years), presented at international forums. Mr. Saqib won the AEE Energy Engineer of the Year award for the Middle East Region in 2016, the IEP National Excellence Award in 2017 and the best paper award at the SOGAT Conference in 2019. With Masters in Chemical Engineering and MBA, he is also a Chartered Engineer, CEM and CMVP.

Young Energy Professional of the Year
Bryan Lang​

Bryan Lang is recognized as a leader in energy engineering
at ETC Group, a 30+ year old energy efficiency and engineering firm. Bryan was recently recognized by his coworkers as the one that cares the most about his work to improve energy efficiency - including the impacts his work has to his clients (saving money), and to the planet. Bryan's work has directly led to a reduction of ~36,500 tons of CO2 in 2019. He helps clients save millions of dollars in annual energy cost savings. While young, his colleagues look up to him as a true leader. Bryan holds certifications as a CEM and PE.


Young Energy Professional of the Year
Erin Lawrence

Erin has been a part of of the team at GM for 3 years. She joined the Energy Team after graduation from Washington University in St. Louis with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MEng In Environmental, Energy, and Chemical Engineering. She is leading the execution of over $16 million of Energy Performance Contracts, with another $24 million pending. She has also led a variety of energy projects to address building envelope, HVAC and controls upgrades, participated and led Energy Treasure Hunts, and proven time and again to be a tremendous asset and a great colleague. Erin holds certifications as a CEM and EIT.



Distinguished Service
Lori Moen

Lori has a bachelor's in Physics and German from Willamette University.  She is a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Energy Procurement Professional, and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and has been an active member of the Association of Energy Engineers for nearly three decades.  

Lori became an AEE member in the early 1990’s and worked with colleagues to successfully charter a local chapter in 2006.  She has actively engaged in AEE leadership since 2004, serving on the board and as president of the local AEE chapter, and supporting program development of AEE West for several years.  

She was elected to Region V VP, and subsequently served on AEE’s board from 2016 through 2020, holding the role of Board President in 2019.  In addition, Lori served on the CEM exam committee for 6 years, has presented and chaired sessions at numerous conferences, is a CWEEL member, and participated in AEE’s Cuba and Western Europe Trade Missions.

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