2020 August Member Webinar | Glenn Remington

The Utility of the Future: New Technology, New Utility Programs, and New Services

by Glenn Remington, CEM, Energy Engineer at Consumer Energy

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 | 2:00-3:00pm (EDT) 

To enable the smart grid future and enable utility customers to leverage advanced facility analytics to optimize facilities energy use, and participate interactive utility programs such as peak load management, time of day pricing, demand response, and also do so with new enabling sources of power such as PV solar, wind, battery energy storage and others collectively known as distributed energy resources or DERs new tools are required. The Consumers Energy Virtual Energy Engineer™ “CE VEE” collection of technologies and services achieves such a mandate.

By constructing a cyber secure cloud hosted technology core platform, the customer site is enabled with a more secure less overhead IT burden. By supporting electric, natural gas, chilled water, and steam utility metering the CE VEE platform can not only provide whole site metering and sub metering, but also enable advanced analytics supporting such programs as facility optimization, LEED and ISO 50001 reporting, and measure and verification of energy conservation investments and give customers a competitive edge as they manage their daily facility operations.

By providing customer team members web browser-based dashboard tools that support peak load management, demand response, and various microgrid programs customers are enabled to participate in new demand side management programs that allow flexibility of how they interact with their utility and utility programs not just here and now, but also in the future transactional power pricing paradigms of the smart grid. Consumers Energy is building the utility customer experience of the future with advanced tools to enable customers to be more energy efficient today and prepare for the future.


Glenn Remington is an AEE Certified Energy Manger since 2015, and ASHRAE member serving on Technical Committee 7.5 Smart Building Systems since 2001 and also serving with an ASHRAE Presidential committee appointment for a new ASHRAE “Smart Grid Applications Guide for Building Professionals.”

Mr. Remington graduated from Ferris State University with Bachelor of Science in HVAC Engineering, attended professional development continuing education studies @ MIT obtaining “Architecture and Systems Engineering:  Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems” certification, and is currently in graduate studies at University of Detroit Mercy – Masters of Science in Product Development focusing on complex systems architecture and model based system engineering.

Professionally, Mr. Remington serves as platform architect and system engineer for the Consumers Energy Virtual Energy Engineer™ which functions as bridge between smart grid and smart buildings enabling advanced utility programs and services for commercial and industrial business customers.