Past President

Ian Boylan

Presidential Year: 2017

Ian Boylan, M.Eng.Sc, CEM, CEA, CMVP, a retired Senior Military Officer from Ireland, an active AEE instructor, a past AEE President and active energy professional for many years.

Ian is an active member of ISO TC301, the technical committee that wrote the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard and responsible for ISO standards related to energy management. He is also an approved auditor to the ISO 50001 Standard, undertaking many audits as the Lead Auditor for Certification Europe, a leading certification body in the energy management space, and has trained many ISO 50001 Lead Auditors.

As an expert in structured energy management, Ian has assisted numerous large corporations in developing their energy management approaches and systems that have led them to achieve significant energy cost savings and improved environmental impact, and also in streamlining their approaches to energy management saving, making their own processes more effective.

In addition to the above, Ian has developed a state-of-the-art custom-built energy management software system to assist businesses in managing their own energy activities, minimising the bureaucracy typically associated with management systems.

Ian can be contacted at [email protected]