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Jordan Energy Chapter Visits Royal Scientific Society Energy Label Laboratories

The local chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers in Jordan, The Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA, held its 18th members meeting in 2017 by conducting a site visit to the Royal Scientific Society Energy Label Laboratories. Around 30 members and guests were greeted by Eng Nidal Abdulla, CEM® who explained the set up for the testing apparatus for the HVAC equipment according to ISO 14514. The max size is 12KW and it is capable of testing several types; window type, split units, and standing units. The chambers are thermally insulated with 10cm sandwich panels. The laboratories are supporting the new regulations to allow only tested equipment to enter the local market. The testing is accurate to within 2%.

Eng. Eman explained the testing of the Washing Machines and the several criteria that are tested to provide more certainty about the equipment in the local market. Lab conditions (temperature and humidity) are controlled Water used for testing is treated and its temperature is controlled to be within is 17±2 °c. Two programs are chosen for this test, cotton 40 °c and 60 °c. Power consumption for washing machine consider full load of the machine. Annual power consumption is one of the tests results.

The engineers also explained the testing of the Refrigerators apparatus. They can test up to 4 units each time. Indoor air temperature and humidity are well controlled. Test can last up to 48 hours in normal conditions. Refrigerators undergo insulation test before power consumption test. Refrigerator temperature sensor is installed according to standard according to refrigerator size and dimensions. Test packages used to mimic domestic load.

The fact that the local engineers have now the capability to test for the energy label, this will improve the energy performance of the equipment used in the local market and help achieve the national energy efficiency targets.