Enio A. Kato

AEE Volunteer Position: Regional Vice President Latin America

Enio Akira Kato is a Professor of Building Automation and Energy Efficiency at Sao Paulo State University – USP, post-graduation and continuing education program – PECE-USP. He is co-author of a chapter on on Energy Efficiency of the book “Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency (in 2nd ed., organized by Simões Moreira. LTC, 2017)”. He joined AEE in 1999 and attended a CEM course in 1997 in Orlando as part of his Master Degree’s plan, when he presented his dissertation in 1999 at Escola Politecnica of USP – EPUSP with the title: “Performance Contracting: North-American model at Building Automation in the 90’” when he took a MSc in Building Systems Engineering. He is member of ABNT and specialist at ABNT/CB-116 on Energy Management Systems since 2008. He was first President of the AEE Brazil Chapter in 2017-18 and President of Consulting Board for ABESCO in 2018.

Enio was born in Sao Paulo City, Brazil. He is a Systems Engineer with National and International experiences on Automation of Public Works and Infrastructure and Energy Auditor and Commissioning Authority of LEED Certified Buildings and for Industrial plants.