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M&V for a Dynamic Future

Numerous factors are leading to rapid change in the energy industry. A Measurement & Verification (M&V) professional is often in the middle of all this change. The evolving landscape presents opportunities but also adds complexity to the M&V professional’s role. Completing the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) program creates a solid foundation so that the M&V professional can keep pace.

One significant change is the availability of high-quality, granular data. In the U.S., more than 72% of electrical meters are now advanced metering interfaces (smart meters), providing multiple readings per day instead of just one monthly reading (U.S. Energy Information Administration). This abundance of data requires careful consideration when constructing energy models for M&V. Further, its availability has enabled new types of projects that pinpoint time-specific energy efficiency opportunities. M&V professionals may be asked to quantify savings from projects that target excessive demand during peak hours or over-consumption during unoccupied hours.

Moreover, the M&V professional may need to work with projects that are broader in scope than was typical in the past. Net-zero and other sustainability mandates are prompting building-wide and portfolio-wide investments in energy efficiency, full-scale moves to Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and fuel-switching. These mandates are leading to questions about how investments impact not only costs but also consumption and carbon footprints.

While the industry may be changing, the M&V professional must adhere to a process that is fundamentally the same as when it was first outlined years ago. The CMVP credential equips professionals with the necessary skills to navigate this dynamic landscape. As Steve Kromer, CMVP course instructor, aptly states, a CMVP is principally an architect. Projects and modeling techniques may change, but the priorities of the M&V professional do not. One must listen to constituents and design an M&V plan that balances the needs of all parties while paying strict attention to cost. The CMVP program, administered by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), provides a comprehensive understanding of M&V principles and practices. Here are some key benefits of becoming a CMVP:

Enhanced Expertise and Credibility

A CMVP certification is recognized globally and signifies that you possess the knowledge and skills required to design and implement effective M&V plans. Having a CMVP certification can open doors to new career opportunities, including positions with utilities, ESCOs, government agencies, and private firms.

Improved Project Performance

A certified CMVP can design and implement M&V plans that determine energy savings and verify the performance of energy efficiency projects. M&V is crucial for securing funding and incentives for energy efficiency projects, as well as for building trust with stakeholders.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While the availability of vast amounts of data can be overwhelming, a CMVP is trained to develop cost-effective M&V plans. This involves identifying and selecting the right data points, using appropriate analysis techniques, and ensuring that the M&V process is efficient and affordable. By doing so, a CMVP helps organizations maximize the value of their energy data without incurring unnecessary costs.

Contribution to Sustainability Goals

By ensuring that energy efficiency projects are accurately measured, verified, and reported, CMVPs play a vital role in advancing sustainability goals. They help organizations track their carbon footprint reductions, comply with regulatory requirements, and contribute to broader environmental objectives.


In summary, a CMVP offers numerous benefits to the professional and to the organizations he or she serves. As the energy sector continues to evolve, the role of CMVPs becomes increasingly important in ensuring that energy efficiency projects deliver the promised savings and benefits. By grounding professionals in the M&V process, the CMVP program prepares them to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the expansion of energy data availability and the growing emphasis on energy efficiency.

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This article was written by Rob Salvino from Energy Management, Consulting and Solutions | Artis Energy in June of 2024.