Who are 50001 CP's?

  • Are you an energy manager that is looking to improve your energy managements system delivery of continual improvement? 
  • Are you an energy manager/ EnMS auditor looking to validate your experience and knowledge? 
  • Have you had some initial exposure to ISO 50001 implementation / operation and seek to deepen your understanding of how to develop EnMS’s that deliver with minimal bureaucracy? 
  • Are you seeking to improve your Energy Performance indicators or internal audit program? 

What Does a 50001 CP Do?

The ISO 50001 Certified Professional (50001 CP) is an individual that can implement 50001 in a competent, practical, and professional manner within an organization where they have the technical knowledge to apply it. 50001 CP’s demonstrate competency in the following areas that are included in the 50001 CP Body of Knowledge to gain certification: personal, general understanding, management systems, analysis, technical Analysis and technical.

هيئة المعرفة

  • Personal Competencies
  • General Understanding Competencies
  • Management Systems Competencies
  • Analysis Competencies
  • Technical Analysis Competencies
  • Technical Competencies

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