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AEE Lebanon Launches TESSA Capacity Building Project

The Association for Energy Engineers (AEE) Lebanon and the Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU) are excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking capacity building initiative funded by the Italian Cooperation as part of the energy transition and sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Lebanon through the development of green SMEs and the promotion of full, decent and qualified employment (TESSA) project. In addition, ICU is introducing an innovative application form for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) nominated by energy companies to participate in the project.
The capacity building initiative, a collaborative effort between AEE, ICU, and the Italian Cooperation, represents a significant milestone in advancing sustainable development and energy efficiency practices in targeted regions. This initiative specifically focuses on the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®), Certified Energy Manager (CEM®), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP®), and Performance Contracting and Funding professional (PCF™) certifications.

These four AEE certifications have been adopted as of 2022 as mandatory requirements for the pre-qualification of Energy Service Companies under the ICU ESCO scheme.
The Italian Cooperation’s generous funding within the TESSA project has made it possible to develop and implement this capacity building initiative, which aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations in energy auditing, energy management, measurement & verification, and performance contracting and funding.

In conjunction with the initiative’s launch, ICU is introducing an application form specifically designed for SMEs nominated by energy companies. This ensures deserving SMEs are chosen to participate in green business plan development, financial plan implementation, auditing, and technical implementation.
The capacity building initiative will commence with a series of specific courses for each certification, providing engineers with in-depth knowledge and practical skills related to CEA®, CEM®, CMVP®, PCF™.
We recognize the crucial role that the energy companies aiming to become an ESCO play in the energy sector.

Through this program, we want to provide them with the necessary support and resources to enhance their energy efficiency practices. Together, we can make a significant impact on sustainability.
The capacity building initiative, funded by the Italian Cooperation, combined with the introduction of the SME application form, represents a significant milestone in TESSA’s efforts to advance energy transition and sustainability through implementing the ESCO business model. It will empower SMEs nominated by energy companies to benefit from energy-efficient measures, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to sustainable development.

About ICU: Institute for University Cooperation Onlus is an International Non-Governmental Organization recognized by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, implementing sustainable development cooperation projects in developing countries and fostering information and education on international solidarity issues.

About TESSA Project: Initiative to encourage an energy transition that can drive economic development, employment inclusion, and environmental sustainability. The three-year initiative aims to achieve several results, including raising awareness among 300 Lebanese companies about the benefits of green business, training 50 companies in developing their Green Business Plans, supporting the implementation of these plans for 20 companies, assisting three training centers in preparing professional profiles for green enterprises, and stimulating multi-stakeholder dialogue to improve policies related to the energy transition, business development, and job placement.