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World Energy Innovations takes the Energy Industry to New Heights

World Energy Innovations, LLC, (WEI) is at the forefront of transforming how we use and create energy, setting a high standard for the Association of Energy Engineers and the industry. In this article, we explore their journey, innovative solutions, commitment to sustainability, and contributions to the energy sector. Recently published in Health Facilities Magazine, WEI is a leader in decarbonization projects that show sustainable savings.

What specific initiatives or projects has your company undertaken to promote renewable energy adoption and reduce carbon emissions within the energy sector?

For over 30 years, WEI has focused our efforts to reduce our client’s consumption of energy. During that time, our Company has utilized various technologies, across a variety of industries and sectors, which can be used to recover heat, manage air movement, and optimize efficiency. While reducing energy, we also decreased carbon emissions all of which reduce energy consumption. This has allowed WEI to methodically craft a sensible path forward to a clean energy future. It starts with a comprehensive detailed analysis of a facility’s existing operations, which results in accurate energy models that identify all the loads and their thermal requirements. It’s important to first drive to lower temperature loads and then design innovative solutions with technologies that change the way some of those loads utilize energy.

In what ways does your company contribute to technological advancements and innovations within the energy sector, aiming to enhance the overall efficiency and sustainability of energy production and consumption?

We question assumptions, plain and simple. Decades of “business as usual” in the energy sector have resulted in technologies and behaviors that are taken for granted (for example: hospitals need steam to perform a vast array of functions). Actually, our analysis determined, very FEW functions actually require steam—hot water is more than sufficient for most of the things steam is currently used for. We’re technology agnostic—we design and implement solutions that are custom and appropriate to each project, and pride ourselves on driving savings, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and sustainability. Our holy grail, not always attainable, is complete decarbonization.

Could you elaborate on your company’s long-term vision for sustainable energy development?

We strongly believe in a decarbonized future. We are realistic enough to recognize that we’re in a transitional phase, and that the near to medium term will see solutions that might still involve fossil fuels but at significantly lower levels. But, above all, we try to remain clear-headed and open-minded—we don’t have all the answers, but we KNOW that there are new ones waiting to be discovered, defined, and reduced to practice.  That’s what floats our boat!

How does being a part of AEE and AEE Events help you in your business?

These events are indispensable in keeping us current and allow us to share our innovative technologies with others. We need to know who’s doing what, and, frankly, when others might be doing a better job than us (which doesn’t happen that frequently, but it does happen).   We are also hungry for new talent—and these events are a terrific way to let a new generation of engineers know that we’re here, and that if they’re interested working somewhere they can feel passionate about, we might just be the place.

What are you most looking forward to for AEE World?

We are most looking forward to what we can give to AEE and the AEE members to help everyone accelerate a financially sound path forward to a cleaner energy future with optimal efficiency.

This article was contributed by Joe Soldano, VP of Sales & Marketing at WEI.