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AEE Releases the Jobs and Market Trends Report 2023

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) has released its annual Jobs and Market Trends Report for 2023. With a mission to drive sustainable change and empower professionals, AEE’s influence extends across 105 countries, reaching over 17,000 members and 32,000 certified experts.

Fostering Excellence and Innovation:

AEE focuses on enhancing energy efficiency, cultivating innovative technologies, encouraging industry collaboration, and championing environmental responsibility. AEE plays a pivotal role in transforming buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to global net-zero objectives.

Building a Knowledge Network:

At the core of AEE’s impact lies its extensive network built on trust and expertise. Through conferences, expos, and educational programs, AEE provides a unique platform for knowledge sharing and professional growth. These initiatives ensure that industry practitioners remain adaptable to market dynamics and emerging technologies, equipping them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Energy Jobs & Market Trends Report Highlights:

This year’s report offers a comprehensive energy sector overview, projecting future trends and identifying key growth areas. Noteworthy findings include:

  1. Global Shortage of Energy Efficiency Professionals
  2. Income, Bonus, Education, and Experience Trends
  3. Decarbonization Efforts and Grid Challenges
  4. ESG Policies and Budget Constraints
  5. Driving Forces for Change
  6. Savings from Energy Efficiency
  7. Transition from Gas to Electric Heating
  8. Local Grid Preparedness

This report provides a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the energy sector, offering valuable insights for professionals navigating this dynamic landscape. As the world accelerates toward sustainable practices, AEE plays a pivotal role in guiding industry leaders toward a greener and more efficient future.