FULL OF ENERGY | The Official AEE Podcast

Navigating Real-World M&V Energy Challenges

On this episode of Full of Energy, we dive into the world of measurement and verification with two industry experts, Anna Kelly and Jon Feldman. Join us as we explore hypothetical scenarios that challenge their approaches to projects, offering insights into their methodologies and problem-solving strategies.

In the first scenario, they tackle a lumber mill’s participation in a utility-funded Strategic Energy Management program, balancing behavioral, operational, and capital projects. In the second scenario, they navigate a utility’s request to verify savings from a restaurant retrofit program, deciphering poorly labeled spreadsheet data. The third scenario presents a challenge from a technical review partner, requiring adjustments to M&V savings for a steel mill’s Fan VFD project due to unforeseen production changes. Finally, in the fourth scenario, they must simplify complex M&V reports for utility investors, ensuring clarity and accuracy in their calculations. Join us for an insightful discussion with Anna and Jon as they navigate these scenarios and share their expertise.