Use of Fellow Logo

The certificate mark and logo are the property of AEE. Permission to use the fellow mark or logo is granted to Fellow Members at the discretion of the AEE, for permissible uses only.

Fellow Members may use the designation with his/her name on organization letterheads, business cards, certain internet listings and forms of address. The Fellow Member may be required to surrender the designation in the event that it is revoked or suspended. 

The Fellow designation may not be used to imply that an organization, company or firm is a Fellow Member. AEE does not endorse or recommend any individual certificant, product or service. Improper usage of AEE's Fellow mark or logo or the AEE logo may result in suspension. If you have questions about usage of the Fellow designations, please contact AEE.

Sample Correct Usage (Signature or Business Card):
John A. Smith, P.E., F.A.E.E. / Mary Jones, B.E.P., F.A.E.E.

Web Usage:
John A. Smith is Fellow Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (F.A.E.E.).

Incorrect Usage:
ABC Company is a Fellow member of AEE.

Correct Usage:
- John Smith, President of ABC Company, is an Fellow Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (F.A.E.E.) and is a Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.), Certified Carbon Reduction Professional (C.R.M.) and Certified Sustainable Development Professional (C.S.D.P.).
- ABC Company is a Corporate Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and has five current Fellow Members (F.A.E.E.) on staff including…….