September 2019 - Member Webinar - Gord Echlin

It’s Not Enough to Measure: Submetering Best Practices

By: Gord Echlin – Vice President Marketing and Business Development, Triacta Power Solutions, LP

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 2:00-3:00pm (EDT)

When planning a project that requires utility metering or monitoring, property managers and building owners need to keep an eye on both today and tomorrow. How meters are deployed dramatically affects their utility now and down the road. Equipment selection, information strategies, financing plans, and regulatory requirements all play a crucial role in a properly planned and successful electrical submetering infrastructure.

Emphasizing "properly planned," this webinar will address:

  • The North American regulatory environment
  • Types of metering equipment and best-use deployment scenarios
  • Ownership model pros and cons (e.g., CAPEX vs. OPEX)
  • Industry-standard information models and protocols for data mobility and vendor independence
  • Information plan best practices for future-proof deployment