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Work Experience & Education Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

P.E., CEM, IAC Certificate with four-year engineering degree AND 3 years of combined energy management and/or ISO MS experience
4-year degree in energy management, engineering, architecture, science or math AND 4 years combined energy management and/or ISO MS experience
Non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) four-year degree; No 4-year degree AND 6 years combined energy management and/or ISO MS experience*

*For the Non-STEM or no 4-year degree track, two of the six years of experience must include measurement and verification practice. This experience can include either third party or internal measurement and verification of energy performance.


Complete your Application

Submit your education, experience, and training program information, pay applicable fees, and schedule an exam.

United States & International

Certification Application and Examination Fees:

  • $500Application and examination fees are nonrefundable.

Retest Fees:

  • $250

Certification Renewal:

  • $300 every five years

SEP PV Application 

Body of Knowledge

An intensive jobs task analysis was performed for the SEP PV and a weighted percentage of topics was developed for the SEP PV Body of Knowledge. The number of questions on the exams will align with the content percentages listed in the SEP PV Body of Knowledge.

Resources & Study Guides

Use the available resources to prepare you for the training program and certification exam. This includes the Body of Knowledge Chart for SEP PV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check our FAQs to see a list of commonly asked questions and answers on certification, testing, renewals etc.

Your Certification Exam

All certification candidates must pass the associated exam to demonstrate their technical knowledge, proficiency, and abilities relevant to the certification program’s Body of Knowledge. You may schedule your exam as part of an In-Person Training program or schedule a remote proctored exam.

Additional Information about SEP PV Certification or File a Complaint
If you have any questions about SEP PV certification or would like to file a complaint against an individual SEP PV or the SEP PV Program*, please contact AEE’s Certification Director:
Francine Seskin
(770) 447-5083, ext. 223
[email protected]
*The complainants identity and subject of complaint will remain confidential