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Whether it's hiking, biking, or scuba diving, AEE encourages you to explore and enjoy the world our members are making more sustainable and efficient. Share your expeditions with us with our newest hashtag, #ExploreTheEfficiency. From the heights of Lebanon to Niagara Falls, right down to the South Pole, wherever you go, enjoy the world we are making better together.

2021 Member Webinar - L’application de la Blockchain à L’Industrie 4.0 (in French) | Alain Aoun

March 25, 2021 - In AEE's very first member webinar presented entirely in French, speaker Alain Aoun explores the fundamentals of Industry 4.0, introduces new concepts using blockchain technology and discusses how blockchain enablement is beneficial for Industry 4.0.

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CMVP Certification

A Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) is an individual who measures and verifies energy usage and energy requirements of building systems, industrial processes, parts of a building, or throughout an entire building or facility. They develop metrics so that energy usage is measured, savings are verified, and investment in energy, water, demand management, retrofit, and renewable energy projects can be evaluated and prioritized. A CMVP can often help a company realize substantial savings.


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