Remote Testing Center Procedures & Locations

Testing through these centers will be available until June 15, 2018. We will being using PSI  after this date - those locations can be viewed here.

Before submitting your application please review the following remote testing procedures:

1. Use the map to determine if there is a Remote Testing Center near you. For international testing, please contact your certification director.  Note: Boston, MA location doesn't offer AEE exams.



2. Register and complete the AEE approved training seminar.

3. Certification applicant completes the remote testing certification application. Please allow 4 weeks for application review and processing.

4. AEE reviews the application and emails a confirmation letter to applicant, either accepting the application, or requesting additional information if necessary.

5. Included in the confirmation letter will be a link to Certifior which is used for account creation and exam scheduling. (You must be approved for testing by applying through AEE before gaining access to the Certifior website.)

6. Using the link in your confirmation email, access Certifior and create your personal account. The account you create will be for you only.

7. Once the Certifior account is created and certification exam selected, AEE will verify receipt of application, exam fees, and training completion before you can schedule your examination. Please allow up to 7 business days for verification to be completed. You will receive an email notification once your account has been verified.

8. Once verified, you can log into your account to request the exam location, date, and time. The earliest date available will be 7 days from the exam request registration date - NO EXCEPTIONS. Once your request has been approved/rejected, a notification email will be sent to candidate from the testing center. If you need to reschedule your exam date or location, please contact AEE prior to rescheduling. A $50 rescheduling fee payable to AEE will be assessed for each reschedule of your exam.

9. Notification of Exam Results: Upon completion of the exam, the applicant will see a PRELIMINARY test score. The results will be sent to AEE by the remote testing center, and the applicant will receive a letter from AEE via email within 30 days of completion of the exam which includes the OFFICIAL test score and applicant's status. Please do not call AEE about your test results before the end of the thirty-day period. Exam results are not available on the AEE website.

10. Review by the Certification Board: If all required references are in place, the application is in order, all fees have been paid, the applicant has met all eligibility requirements and passed the exam, AEE will send the applicant's file to Certification Board for final approval.

11. Receiving Your Certification: The Board approval process usually takes 6-8 weeks. Once the approvals have been sent to AEE from the Certification Board, the applicant achieves Certification status, and will receive his/her certificate in the mail.

Please do not contact the Remote Testing Center for any information on your certification status.