Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering Branch II Student Chapter Launching Event

The AEE ULFG2 Student Chapter – ULFG2 organized their chapter’s launching event on May 30, 2018 at the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering 2nd branch.

The event was attended by the faculty director Dr. Assad Killasy, the chapter’s faculty advisor Dr. Georges Salloum, chapter’s mentor and AEE Lebanon Chapter (in development) Secretary  Mr. Alain Aoun, faculty professors and around 50 students and members.

The event began with the introductory word of the ULFG2 Student Chapter President, Mr. Ralph Bou Ghanem, followed by the speech of the AEE Lebanon Chapter (in development) Secretary, Mr. Alain Aoun. In his speech, Mr. Alain Aoun emphasized on the paying efforts of the chapter members, their enthusiastic energy and his conviction that the ULFG2 student chapter will play a major role, in the energy sector, on the national and international levels.

The speech was followed by a presentation on the AEE practices and the benefits of becoming an AEE member or starting a student chapter. The event was completed by the handing over of the AEE Student Chapter official plaque followed by a celebration buffet.