KSU Student Chapter February Meeting

Robert Yost, inventor of the MicroCube mini-turbine, and his son Dan Yost visited KSU Marietta to discuss the added benefits that their mini-wind turbines can offer as compared to large turbines on wind farms. These benefits included increased renewable energy created in less space with lower wind speeds and the possibility for wind walls to retract into ground bunkers during bad weather conditions to prevent product damage. American Wind also discussed topics on magnetism and air turbulence, as well as let us see a MicroCube in action.

With 19 individuals attending, this was the most attended meeting KSU AEE has had thus far. American Wind also invited KSU students and advisors to visit their headquarters in Huntsville, AL in the future if they would like. Notable attendees at this meeting were Ruth Whitlock, Executive Administrator at AEE Headquarters, Jacqueline Stephens, KSU AEE Faculty Advisor, and Dan Shabo and Darrell Sandlin, AEE Georgia Chapter Advisors.

Robert Yost discussing his Advanced Wind Wall compared to a turbine

Attendees viewing parts and pieces from American Wind Association

Dan Yost passing around American Wind products and Robert Yost discussing them

Addie Thornton, Dan Shabo, Adam Minor, Robert Yost,
Darrell Sandlin, Jacqueline Stephens, Dan Yost, Ange Ndema, Yoseph Woldemariam (Left to Right)