AEE Certification Renewal Process

How to Renew/Maintain Your AEE Certification


 Certified Professionals are required to demonstrate a development of Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) as a condition for certification renewal. The CPC requirements will be satisfied when course providers conduct courses which will enhance and improve a licensee’s professional skills in the area certified.

Each certified professional is required to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH) each renewal period.  A total of 10 renewal credits are required.  AEE does not maintain a record of your continuing education in the interim. You must maintain record of continuing education and complete a recertification form at the time of your renewal.  You will reach your recertification date on the fourth January 1st following the date of certification.  Professional credits for recertification should be accumulated during the three-year renewal period for each renewal cycle.  The seminar taken to acquire your certification does not apply towards your renewal credits.

Certification Renewals
*Please allow 30 days for renewal processing.

To renew using the online electronic form, click on the link below:

Activities Applicable as Credits for Certification Renewal:

Activity Credits Awarded Explanation Examples
Continued employment in energy management / energy engineering activities

1 credit per year of renewal cycle (3 max) Only receive 1 credit per year of continued work experience in the field
  1. Worked at Honeywell in energy management all three years of the renewal cycle. Award = 3 credits.
  2. Worked at Honeywell in energy management for two years. Have been unemployed the last year. Award = 2 credits.

Membership in a professional membership organization

*Not Valid for CEA Certification Renewal

1 credit per year of renewal cycle (3 max)

Only receive 1 credit per year of membership in a professional membership organization. If you are a member in multiple professional membership organizations you still only acquire 1 credit per year. This section has a maximum value of 3 credits.

*Having an AEE certification is not the same as membership in AEE. Membership is separate from certification.

**Having additional certifications or a PE license does not count as being a member of a professional membership society

  1. Example of professional membership organizations are AEE, ASHRAE, etc.
  2. Member of AEE for 3 years and member of ASHRAE for 3 years. Award = 3 credits.
  3. Had my CMVP for 3 years. Award = 0 credits
    (This is not the same as membership).


Continuing education: energy-related seminars and college courses (includes in-house or online seminars)

2 credits per:
-1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) earned (e.g. 1.6 CEU = 3.2 credits)
-1 College Credit Hour earned

1 credit per:
-5 Professional Development Hours (PDH)
-5 Contact Hours

*Please refer to the For Certified Professionals section below for how to submit trainings on your renewal form

  1. Taking a Course: You receive 2 credits for each CEU / 10 PDH received. You only earn credit for a course once (the CEUs from the course you took to gain certification do not count)
  2. College Credit Hours receive 2 renewal credits per 1 college credit
  3. 5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are worth 1 credit. 10 PHDs are equivalent to 1 CEU or 2 credits. Please review the criteria for eligible course providers below in the section listed For Course Providers.
  4. Contact Hours: will be accepted if a training does not provide CEUs or PDHs. 5 contact hours are worth 1 credit. 10 contact hours are equivalent to 1 CEU or 2 credits. To calculate the number of credits, divide total number of contact hours by 5.
  1. I need to renew my CMVP. I just took the 5-day CEM course in Florida. This specific course is worth 3.6 CEUs. Award = 7.2 credits. The credits I received from the CMVP course will not count to renew the CMVP.
  2. I took an energy management course at a major university that was worth 4 College Credit Hours. Award = 8 credits.
  3. I took a ___ course and received 20 approved PDHs. Award = 4 credits.
  4. I took an energy training worth 16 contact hours. Award = 3.2 credits (16/5 = 3.2 credits).
Energy Conference Attendance Number of credits awarded is dependent on the show
  1. If a show awards a certificate of attendance, credits will be based off of what the show assigns.
  2. If a show does not award a certificate of attendance, credits will be based off of the number of hours attended

*An energy conference is not the same as a trade show. No credits are awarded for attending a trade show.

  1. Attended an AEE show. A certificate of attendance is awarded to each attendee. Award
    Globalcon Conference: 0.8 CEUs = 1.6 credits
    West Coast Energy Management Congress: 0.8 CEUs = 1.6 credits
    WEEC World Energy Engineering Congress: 1.0 CEU = 2 credits.
  2. I attended a 2-day energy conference. Each day was 4 hours long for a total of 8 hours. Award = 1.6 credits (8 hours / 5 hours per credit).
Professional awards or papers presented and published (must be about energy or related to improving energy efficiency) 2 credits each

2 credits are awarded:

  1. Once per different paper or presentation. The person claiming credits on papers or books must be the author. It cannot be a paper or presentation compiled for your job.
  2. The award should be an individual award, not an award won by a company. The award has to be granted to the person who is claiming credits. (Legends in Energy is not an award).
  1. Presented the same presentation two times. Award = 2 credits.
  2. Published the same paper in two different magazines. Award = 2 credits.
  3. Gave two presentations on two different topics. Award = 4 credits (2 credits for each topic).
  4. Wrote and presented a company report. Award = 0 credits.
  5. Taught a CMVP course 3 times. Award = 2 credits.
  6. My company won Best Energy Efficiency 2012 award. Award = 0 credits.
  7. My company's Energy Management Team won the BEST Energy Efficiency 2012 award (if the certificate holder was part of the team or the Energy Manager). Award = 2 credits.
  8. Won Best Energy Auditor 2012. Award = 2 credits.
Offices held in a professional membership organization 1 credit per year of renewal cycle (3 max)

Receive 1 credit per year held a Board Member position in a professional membership organization.

*President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, or active in a committee under the government of the board.

  1. Examples of professional membership organizations are AEE, ASHRAE, etc.
  2. VP of AEE in 2009 and President of AEE in 2010. Award = 2 credits.
  3. On AEE's Scholarship Committee in 2011. Award = 1 credit.

The above table serves as a guideline for the 10 credits to be accumulated during each three-year renewal period.  A reminder form will be sent during the year your certification expires.  Please keep a file of your credits to assist with completing this form.

**Only college courses that are related to your certification will be accepted as credits towards your certification renewal (including MBA’s and PhD’s)**

Quick Renewal Reference Guide

Activities for Renewal Credits Training Hours Required
3 years of employment only 35 hours
3 years of employment and 3 years of membership (e.g. AEE) 20 hours
3 years of employment, 3 years of membership, and an office held for 3 years 5 hours
3 years of employment, 3 years of membership, and 1 paper presented/published 10 hours
3 years of employment, 3 years of membership, and 1 award won 10 hours
3 years of employment, 3 years of membership, office held for 3 years, and 1 paper presented/published 0 hours
0 years of employment and no credits from other categories 50 hours



Hours of Training Contact Hours PDHs CEUs Awarded Credits Awarded
1 hour 1 Contact Hour 1 PDH 0.1 CEUs 0.2 credits



Renewal Reminders

  • Credits may only be used for the 3-year renewal cycle. If this is your first renewal, you can only submit credits earned after you received the certification and the preparatory course used prior to the exam is not eligible for credit.
  • The maximum credit available for membership is 3 credits. Local chapter memberships and PE licenses are not acceptable forms of membership.
  • AEE does not pre-approve training providers nor do we have the ability to keep track of credits you have earned during a renewal period. Please only submit your training credits at the time of renewal. A guideline to acceptable training can be found at
  • If your training certificate does not specially state CEU or PDH it will be considered a "contact hour." Any contact hours must be educational training directly related to your certification and you must be able to verify your attendance. Sales meetings and non-educational meetings do not qualify. Please use the chart above (under "Equivalencies") to calculate your training credits.
  • CEH, CEU, LEU, LS, LU, SD, CE, CPE, PDH = measurements for hours of training. Each hour of training = 0.2 credits.
    • For example: 10 hours of training (0.2 credits x 10 hours) = 1 CEU = 2 credits


Certified Professionals
Required information for renewal documentation:

  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Course name and brief course content description and/or skills to be addressed
  • Location
  • Date of Activity, Duration
  • Instructor/Speaker/Facilitator's name
  • Number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) earned


For Course Providers
The course provider shall be an accredited college or university, nonprofit organization or continuing education department of an organization which meets the following:

  • Awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to students who have completed a Learning Event. A Learning Event shall have clear objectives, include evaluation at the conclusion and incorporate review into learning activity improvements
  • Provider must maintain a list of all instructors, including qualifications
  • Provider must keep a permanent record of attendees, including course name, brief content, location, date of activity, duration, and number of CEUs or PDHs awarded
  • Each attendee shall be provided with a Certificate of Participation indicating Learning Event attended, date, location, and CEUs or PDHs awarded


The AEE Certification board will not pre-approve courses or course providers.  It is requested that course providers present certified professionals with the above information needed for documentation as proof of continuing education.  The decision of what course or activity is to be submitted AEE for credit is up to the judgment of the certified professional.  Continuing education which enhances the professional attribute of the certified professional and is beneficial in an area of practice will be considered by the Board for those who are audited.  If chosen for audit in a random selection, the certified professional will be expected to provide proof of documentation for the CEUs claimed.  Relevant courses presented by an accredited university or college or nonprofit organization are generally accepted for credit.



Retired Certification Status
A certified professional, upon retiring and reaching the age of sixty-five, will be designated as "(name of certification held)-Retired," will no longer be required to pay renewal fees, and will no longer be listed in our directory of actively practicing certified professionals. No further reporting is necessary except to notify the Certification Director of meeting the age requirement by sending a copy of the retired certified professional's Driver's License.

Calculating Your Continuing Education Credits
If you wish to use  AEE Energy Seminars training as a part of meeting the 10-credit requirement to maintain certification, note that you will earn 0.8 CEU for each full day of participation in any AEE Energy Seminars training. For example, a 2-day seminar will earn you 1.6 CEU, or the equivalent of 3.2 credits toward certification renewal .  The period allotted for certification examinations is not included when calculating the number of contact hours for a seminar.

Certification Renewal Fee
The fee for certification renewal varies based on certification type. The fee will be billed to you for each 3-year renewal cycle of your certification. If AEE does not receive your paid renewal by the renewal deadline, a reinstatement fee of $50 will be assessed in addition to the renewal fee. In some cases, it may be necessary to retake the certification exam. Please be sure to inform AEE if your address changes, as failure to do so may delay your receipt of your renewal notice.

Suspension or Revocation of Certification
Certification will be terminated for professionals who do not accumulate the required professional credits, unless, in the judgement of the certification board, extenuating circumstances exist and the deficiency can be readily overcome. The certification board reserves the right to revoke certification due to violation of AEE's ethical standards.

Reinstatement of Certification
Professionals who do not complete requirements for recertification by the certification expiration date will be notified in writing of their suspension from using the certification designation and will no longer be listed as a holder of that certification in any AEE publication until the professional:

  • Retakes the certification exam OR,

  • Acquires make-up points at a cumulative total, equal to 3.5 credits per year for every year since the most recent activation date of certification (This is only an option if fewer than three renewal cycles have lapsed since the certification's expiration date) 
    **If an individual allows their certification to lapse more than once, then they are required to retake the exam**

Use of Certification Designation
A holder of an AEE certification may use the designation with name on organization letterhead, business cards, and all forms of address. Certification is for individuals only. The certification designation may not be used to imply that an organization or firm is certified.

For Additional Information About Certification Renewal...
If you have any questions about certification renewal, please contact:

Priscila Rivere
(770) 447-5083, ext. 227