I am taking the CEM SI exam. Do I need to answer all 170 questions?

No.  If you are taking the CEM SI exam which is applicable for individuals outside of the United States, you do not need to answer all 170 questions on the exam.  There are 15 sections total on the exam.  The first two sections, which are twenty questions each, are required.  Of the remaining 13 sections, you need to choose 9 sections to complete.  Each of these sections contains 10 questions.  If you do answer all 15 sections, AEE will deduct answers from the last four sections of the exam from your score to ensure that your score reflects a total of 130, not 170, questions.  Please allow yourself time towards the end of the exam to check the questions answered and make sure you did not accidentally answer a question in a section you did not intend to answer.