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Workforce Development and Sustainability: Are entry-level job seekers aligned with hiring firms and managers?

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To many in the sustainability industry, entry-level employees’ career paths appear broad and diverse. A wide range of position types benefit from different and unique skill sets. To those graduating from high school, community college, or university, the picture may not be so clear – or so promising. This interactive presentation will review and summarize recent literature regarding workforce development initiatives in the sustainability industry to better understand the entry-level employment needs of the energy transition economy from the perspective of hiring entities and prospective employees. This review will benefit those on both sides of the hiring process, and aims to answer the following questions:

• Are aspiring sustainability job-seekers fully aware of the range of employment opportunities? If not, what are the information asymmetries?
• Are there specific job criteria that make sustainability jobs more or less attractive to job seekers, and to what degree are these criteria met in entry-level jobs?
• Can employers find and recruit job seekers with appropriate skill sets? If not, where are the most significant skill gaps, and how can they be closed?
• To what degree do cultural or generational factors impact hiring for sustainability positions?
• How does a career path in sustainability compare with other industries that job seekers may be pursuing, and what factors are most important in that comparison?

About the Presenter:
James Dodenhoff is the Founder and Principal of Silent Running Energy, a firm that guides clients through the most recent technology developments, regulatory guidelines, and finance solutions to provide optimal sustainability and energy solutions. Jim’s experience includes serving as Regional Business Development Director for S&C Electric’s Microgrid Control System, Project Development for California’s Community Solar Green Tariff Program, Working Group member for the CPUC Energy Efficiency Compensation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI), and Working Group member for the CPUC Energy Efficiency Equity and Market Support Working Group (EMSWG). Jim has presented at numerous AEE conferences on various clean energy topics in the past ten years. Jim has an MBA in Strategy/Finance from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Energy Studies/Mechanical Engineering from Brown University.

Start Date:

Jul 16, 2024

End Date:

Jul 16, 2024