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The Labor Shortage: How Technology Can Help

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*This webinar offers 0.2 AEE credits for live attendance.

America must retrofit over 7,000 buildings every day for the next 26 years to reach our 2050 climate goals. This already incredibly daunting task is only made worse by the fact that many of the professions most crucial to making this vision a reality – including energy engineers – are suffering through severe labor shortages. There are two ways to meet this challenge: make the existing workforce more efficient or lower the barrier to entry into that workforce; fortunately, emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, are accomplishing both.

In this presentation, Nenni and Associates, an executive search and consulting firm specializing in sales, operations, and executive-level positions in the energy and infrastructure services space, will provide insight into the hiring trends in energy efficiency, highlighting the positions experiencing the most acute workforce shortages. Additionally, EMPEQ will provide an overview of recent technological breakthroughs that are helping to ameliorate this situation. Ultimately, attendees will understand how current labor conditions and emerging technologies may impact their careers in the coming years.

About the Presenters:
Herbert Dwyer
is a former chair at the US Department of Energy, created the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI), and is a three-time CEO. During his tenure as President/CEO of a regional energy services company, he conducted over 300 energy audits and design-builds in energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling; the frustrating experiences with an inefficient energy auditing process led him to co-found EMPEQ.

Jim Schafer started his career with Nenni in 2009 and has been leading a team focused on our Energy Finance and Renewable Energy business units. As Managing Partner, Jim focuses on new marketing initiatives, effectively expanding the Nenni brand. Additionally, he utilizes his 10+ years of sales experience to implement best practices for internal sales training. Jim remains responsible for leading his team and serving core clients. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University.

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Sep 10, 2024

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Sep 10, 2024