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March 9-10, 2016
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September 30 - October 2, 2015
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We hope you enjoy the 2016 Summer issue of AEE's, Environmental Engineers & Management Institute (EEMI) division newsletter. Our columnist Eric Woodroof has written an article on energy savings performance contracting and how to avoid mistakes. Also featured is industry news, featured resources, events, and much more. We hope you find this issue useful to you. Please let us know of any future topics that you are interested in hearing about.


Eric Woodroof

Avoid Millions in Mistakes

By Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D., C.E.M., C.R.M., P.C.F.

When you consider our Climate Trends (watch recent video), you may be attempting to save more energy in the near future.  You may be involved with an Energy Savings Agreement- which is supposed to fund improvement projects based on savings.  You may be excited because everything seems positive and the lawyers and engineers have given their “OK” to proceed. So what can go wrong? Actually, quite a bit… and your knowledge can be the difference between having a glowing success or abject failure that could cost you a job, reputation or worse.  Continue Reading.


A Major Step in Energy Efficiency Lawmaking
By: Eric Oliver, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP

Something major just happened in a relatively minor New York City bill. On December 7, 2015, as a step towards the Cities 80x50 goal to reduce city wide carbon emissions by the year 2050 , the New York City Council passed bill 0609-A-2015 which will require all new city buildings or city owned buildings undergoing an HVAC retrofit to undergo a geothermal energy feasibility study. So the mechanical designer must analyze multiple HVAC options on a life cycle cost basis, and one option must be geothermal. If geothermal is the lowest life cycle cost option, the geothermal design must be utilized. Mayor de Blasio signed the bill on January 5, 2016. That's a good bill, especially for people in the geothermal industry, but that's not the major news...... Continue reading.


SoCal Gas, Duke Energy sign Voluntary Emissions Reduction Program
Source: Energybiz

A new partnership with 41 energy companies who have agreed to voluntarily reduce methane emissions from natural gas operations to help combat climate change was announced earlier this year by the Obama administration. The EPA unveiled the Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program to provide a new mechanism through which oil and gas companies can make and track ambitious commitments to reduce methane emissions. Continue Reading

Jordan Mosques & Universities Embrace Solar
Source: PV Magazine

A staggering 2,000 Jordanian mosques and a long list of Jordanian universities agree to electrify using solar PV. The project to power the country's mosques with solar PV is a collaboration between the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and will be funded from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund. Continue Reading

Chillin' in Punta Cana
Source: Power PR

A dramatic rise in the popularity of the Dominican Republic as a resort destination has led to the expansion of the principal airport serving the island's eastern provinces, Punta Cana International Airport. The newest building in the expansion is a 70,000 sq ft international terminal with a new HVAC system. Cooling tower operating efficiency and reliability are issues with tropical temperatures averaging 80 degrees F and the air runs year round. Read about the installation and success story here - Continue Reading.

Powering iPhones with iEnergy: Apple Enters the Energy Sector
Source: Environmental Leader

Apple is entering the energy business. The tech giant has formed a subsidiary, Apple Energy, to sell surplus solar power generated by California and Nevada farms across the US and has also received approval to build a landfill-gas-to-energy plant in North Carolina. On June 6, Apple filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to sell electricity and other power grid services. The company currently generates or buys enough renewable power to supply electricity to 100% of its US facilities and 93% of its worldwide facilities, according to a court brief filed in support of the Clean Power Plan in April. Read more.

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