The Energy Managers Digest

The Energy Managers Society (EMS) is the newest division of the Association of Energy Engineers. It recognizes those non-engineers and engineers whose participation in the energy management industry has earned them recognition.

EMS’s mission is to assist its members to improve the practice of energy management, through newsletters, publications, events, and meetings.  As an EMS Member you will receive a quarterly Institute of Energy Mangers Digest focusing on “Best Practices”.

EMS will play an active role in the industry by sponsoring key events, publications, and organizations, such as:

  • Sponsorship of Energy Managers Summit at the World Energy Engineering Congress
  • Co-Sponsorship of the AEE Journal Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment.  The journal will include case studies of leading edge energy management programs
  • Co-Sponsorship of the Energy Managers Hall of Fame, developed by the Energy Management Professionals Council (EMPC)