The Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP) is one who manages how the technical, regulatory, industrial hygiene factors impact indoor air quality. The individual knows how to interpret IAQ tests and measurements, analyze sources of IAQ pollutants and makes recommendations on how to prevent, resolve and mitigate IAQ problems.


CIAQP professionals have experience ranging from HVAC system design, operation and maintenance, with a working knowledge of mitigating IAQ problems. For example, professionals who perform tests and measurements and have a working knowledge of how to analyze results and their impact on indoor air quality.

The effective practice of indoor air quality requires in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. For certification purposes, however, the candidate need only demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Certification Board the knowledge of and ability to apply the essentials of indoor air quality.


Professionals who have met at least one of the following prerequisites, and who have received written notification from AEE that they met the criteria for education and experience established by the Certification Board for Indoor Air Quality Professionals were permitted to take the exam. The prerequisites to qualify for the certification process have been designed to take into account the possible diversity of education and practical experience an individual may have. However, each CIAQP candidate has met one of the following criteria:

A. The current status of registered professional engineer, certified energy manager, certified industrial hygienist, or registered architect, with at least three years’ experience in indoor air quality and two additional CEU of board-approved training.

B. A four-year degree or higher in engineering, science, architecture, business or related field, with at least three years’ experience in indoor air quality and two additional CEU of board-approved training.

C. A two-year technical degree or four-year degree in an unrelated field, with eight years’ experience in indoor air quality and three additional CEU of board-approved training.

D. Ten years of board-approved experience in indoor air quality and four additional CEUs of board approved training.


For general questions regarding the CIAQP Certification, please contact Francine Seskin at or (770) 447-5083 x. 223

This program is only available for renewal by current CIAQP’s.  To view a list of CIAQP’s in your area or to verify your CIAQP status, please visit this website.

To renew or reinstate your CIAQP certification, please contact Priscila Rivere at or (770) 447-5083 x.227.  You may also renew your CIAQP certification online at