Retest Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions About Retaking Certification Exams

In an effort to make our website more accessible, we are including a list of frequently asked questions surrounding the exam retesting process.  

Question 1:
What is the reduced fee to retake an exam?
The reduced fee is $100 to retest in conjunction with a live seminar and is $150 to retest at an remote testing center, except for with the CMVP, for which the retest fee is $200.  

Question 2:
If I took the live version of the exam at a seminar, does that mean that I have to retest at a seminar, or is it possible for me to retest at an remote testing center instead?
You may choose to retake the exam at either a live seminar or at an remote testing center.  

Question 3:
Are all exams available at the remote testing center? Where are remote testing centers located? Answer:
All exams can be taken at remote testing centers. Link to the locations available:
Note: you must complete and submit the retesting application to the certification program manager prior to retest.  

Question 4:
Do I need to retake the seminar before retaking the exam?
No. As long as you complete the retest within three years of completing the seminar, you do not need to retake the seminar.  

Question 5:
If I take another preparatory seminar before retaking the exam, is that seminar free of charge? Is a discount available?
Answer: A preparatory seminar is not required before taking the exam. If you would like to retake a seminar, contact AEE Energy Seminars to qualify for a discount. Email Terese Lavallee at  

Question 6:
Do I need to resubmit my application before retaking the exam?
Exam applications are kept on file for a period of three years. As long as you retest within that three-year period, the only form that needs to be submitted is your retesting form.  

Question 7:
How many times can I retake the exam?
There is no limit to the number of times that you can retake the exam. The certification board will only see your final, passing, score.   

Question 8:
Do I have to wait a certain period of time before retaking the exam?
If you are retaking the CEM exam you have to wait a minimum of 60 days prior to retaking the exam. If you are retaking any other exam, once you receive your exam score letter, you are free to reschedule the exam at any time.  

Question 9:
How do I access the retesting form on the AEE website?
The retesting form can be accessed by logging into your AEE account. You can access your account at Your member login will be your AEE ID number. Your password will be the first letter of your first name and your last name. once you have successfully logged in, select “certification status” and then select “Re-take the exam” to the right of your certification information.  

Question 10:
Is a hardcopy of the retesting application available?
Yes, you can download and print the PDF document online via the link below, and fax or mail it to the certification department.  

Question 11:
When can I submit my application to retest?
You can submit your application anytime after receiving official notification from AEE, up to three weeks prior to the exam date.     DOWNLOAD RETESTING APPLICATION