Awareness Seminar at the Applied Science University in Jordan

An introductory seminar was held at the energy laboratory at the Applied Science University in Amman Jordan in November 2017. Dr. Ayman Abu Baker, Dean of Faculty of Engineering gave a welcoming note and stressed the importance of the energy sector globally. Dr. Ali Bani-younes, Head of Electrical Engineering Department attended the seminar as well with 29 students from the electrical engineering department. AEE Secretary Samer Zawaydeh, MSc, CRM®, REP™ gave the two hour presentation about the Association of Energy Engineers activities around the world and the benefits of becoming a member in AEE. The presentation contained the AEE around the world slides and two videos about AEE in general and the Certified Energy Manager®, CEM® in specific. The students asked a lot of questions about the benefit of joining the AEE and the difference it will make in networking with the industry professionals to secure jobs after graduation.