AEE University of Maryland, College Park Student Chapter Activities & Accomplishments

Events and Activities:
The Association of Energy Engineers Student Chapter at University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), had a tremendous growth after its inauguration in February 2018. In three months, we grew from a student chapter of 10 members to 50 members.

We participated in the Earth day 2018 and Sustainability Day 2018 on UMCP campus, where we had our booth portraying the missions and goals of AEE. On these days we also attracted more students to join our chapter.

Additionally, we participated in Maryland Day 2018, where we educated kids and families about Solar Power. We displayed a live project on Solar water pump and a bicycle-powered bulb to demonstrate the efficiency of LEDs. The audience had much fun through this learning experience.

As a recognition of our efforts in promoting the goals of AEE, we were awarded the 2018 “Best Community Service” and “Best Overall Student Chapter” Awards, which we will receive on the World Energy Engineering Congress. Also, two of our chapter members and who are also co-founders of the chapter, have received the 2018 FAEE Scholarship for excellence in Energy studies.