The AEE Southern Ontario Chapter Collaborating with Energy Experts


For our 3rd event of 2019, we decided to go wild and break the mold; a little. We moved from our regular 10 am to 1pm time slot (with lunch) to a 3 pm to 7 pm slot, with canapes (so yummy) and an open bar, all in the spirit of networking. We also stepped it up a notch with the meeting format that we advertised as “something like speed dating; without the dating”. We had 9 presenters (see topics below) discussing their material with a small group and engaging in meaningful discussion. The small groups then rotated every 15 minutes (the speed part) so that everyone got to have conversations with all the presenters. We had surprisingly good attendance for a summer event, and the feedback was really positive, with the main constructive input being to allow a little more time, for each “round”.

Our topics/presenters for this special event: 

  1. Rohit Sardana from Nerva Energy - Future-Proofing & Building Optimization
  2. Rick Mohammed from Belimo - Improving Building Delta T and Energy Efficiency
  3. Glenn Kilmer from Kilmer Environmental Inc. - Improving comfort & performance with energy recovery wheels
  4. Jordan Lai from BioTeknik Enviro - Using Probiotics for HVAC/R System Cleaning and Performance Restoration
  5. Nik Rasskazovskiy from ClearFlow - Financing Energy Efficiency Retrofits
  6. Prad Challa from CLEAResult - Comprehensive segmentation approach for delivery of EE programs
  7. Brian Unrau - Solar Net Metering in the ICI Sector – Why rent energy supply when you can buy it?
  8. Brian Fitz-Henry - Direct Fired Space Heater, referenced in the B-149 gas code as a DFIAH.
  9. Kuldeep Saxena from Star Energy - Learnings from implementing energy efficiency solutions in supermarkets