AEE Northern Ohio Chapter News & Updates, Summer 2018

The AEE Northern Ohio chapter has scheduled meetings through the end of this year and are currently working on booking speakers for 2019. Upcoming meetings include:
September 13, 2018 | 11:30AM (Lunch served) | Energy Efficient Hydronic Solutions for the Commercial Market, Jeff Bredeson, TACO

October 25, 2018 | 11:30AM (Lunch served) | Professive Insurance Energy Projects, with tour included, Eric Rasmussen, Progressive

November 8, 2018 | 11:30AM (Lunch served) | Lighting & Lighting Controls, Nathaniel Brown, Lutron

December 6, 2018 | 11:30AM (Lunch served) | NASA Energy Projects, Brian Palaszewski, NASA

The chapter has been experimenting with different meeting venues (restaurants and hotels) to see:

  • Meeting room size?
  • Private meeting room?
  • Quiet private meeting room?
  • Quality of food and service
  • Banquet menu prices … and TERMS & CONDITIONS including minimums and room rental fees (chapter break even or loss $/pp based on Ts&Cs)
  • Meeting room A-V equipment if any
  • Changed to on-line meeting registration system with member CC ($0 fee for meeting if no lunch) effective March 2018*
  • Raised member luncheon fee from $20 pp to $25 PP to cover actual expenses
  • Raised non member luncheon fee from $25 to $30 (non member attendance dropped from 50% to 20% )
  • Eliminated guaranteed reservations/  no show problem for chapter (chapter no longer stuck with the bill)
  • Member are suggesting locations to investigate

Presentation at AEE 2018 Leadership meeting on on-line registration services

Presentation at AEE 2018 Leadership meeting on member interest survey

The AEE Northern Ohio Chapter is considering hosting another Certified Energy Manager (CEM) course in 2019.

The chapter has had growing success with moderate priced Chapter Sponsorships, including D.B. Johnsen Co., HEI Engineering Group, Engineering Process Systems, Ltd., Akron Glass Tinting, CPI Group Limited, North Shore Energy, MG Energy, Sustainable Energy Services, Spectrum Energy Concepts, and Think Energy Management, LLC.

The Northern Ohio chapter is making donations to:

  • WEEC international travel fund
  • AEE Foundation (for scholarships)

The Northern Ohio Chapter is still looking fora CWEEL chapter liaison person.

Membership has grown over the years to 225 members.  The average meeting attendance varies from 25 - 40 members (topics driven by member interest surveys). The maximum chapter attendance was 135 attendees at a meeting with the introduction of utility DMS programs a couple years ago.  We try for 1-3 tours per year to break up the standard meeting format and notice that tours are driven by the member interest surveys. We also place PDF DIY presentations on the website. For more information on the Northern Ohio Chapter, visit