AEE Members and AEE Kuwait Chapter President Attend Events & Training




Two days in-House training for the engineers of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), was conducted to familiarize the mass spectrometer, during August 2019. A group of 8 engineers attended the two days of training. The training was given by HIDEN Analytical, England, that dealt with MASsoft 10 software, QGA Professional software, and EGA Professional software for the mass spectrometer. AEE Kuwait chapter president and some AEE members were among those attending and organizing such event. 


Another one-day training to understand the Building automation system (BAS) of a big office building in Kuwait was organized for the Energy engineers of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in November 2019. 10 Engineers attended it. This training was carried out to impart knowledge related to BAS that influences the operation of air handling units (AHUs), the HVAC system concentrating mainly on AHU, optimum operation strategy for variable air volume (VAV) supply, and data logging and extraction of data for different time intervals.  


An international conference, ICERD-7, 7th International Conference On Energy Research and Development, is being held in Kuwait from 19-21, November 2019. Five senior members of the AEE Kuwait chapter are chairing sessions for this conference under various sessions, namely, HVAC system design, sustainability in Building performance, heat transfer and fluid flow, and improvement of heat exchanger design. Also, Dr. Fotouh Al- Ragom, President, AEE Kuwait chapter, and Eng Dina Al-Nakib, Vice president, AEE Kuwait chapter, are contributing as the Organizing Committee members for this conference. This exciting conference is entirely dedicated to recent developments in optimizing the utilization of basic energy resources in the major energy-consuming sectors in the arid region of the Arabian Peninsula. Special emphasis will be on emerging energy conversion technologies, conservation, and management strategies.