AEE Lebanon Chapter In-Development Quarter Four Chapter Meeting

The AEE Lebanon Chapter in development Q4 meeting was a distinguished event since it included the 1st CEM certifications distribution. In the presence of representatives of the Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Cesar Abi Khalil, the Minister of Environment, Mr. Tarek El Khatib, the Minister of Labor, Mr. Mohammad Kabbara, and in the presence of the head of the Order of Engineers and Architects - Tripoli Mr. Bassam Ziadeh, the AEE Secretary Mr. Samer Zawaydeh and more than 140 members and guests. 

22 CEM certificates were distributed to the first certified professionals who had their training and exam in July, 2017 in Lebanon. Also, 29 membership certificates were distributed to new members.

The event was followed by a cocktail reception/networking opportunity to all attendees coming from different backgrounds.

Moreover, the event was an opportunity to announce the launching of CWEEL Lebanon Chapter under development in the presence of the CWEEL Liaison Mr. Alain Aoun.