AEE Lebanese Student Chapter Tour of Dar Al Chifaa Hospital

Due to the ecological damage caused by the use of electric generators by numerous hospitals, a new eco-friendly system has been adopted by Dar Chifaa hospital in Tripoli. It consists of cogeneration and solar water heating systems. Our student chapter (ULFS3-PNRJ) participated in developing and maintaining this system as a senior project for the students undergoing a Masters in Energetics at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Science.

In Dar Al Chifaa hospital, the cogeneration, i.e. the production of electricity using waste heat (as in steam) from an industrial process or the use of steam from electric power generation as a source of heat, produced 500 kW from the electric station producing 2,2 MW. The energy produced by the cogeneration is used for steam generation which heats water for sterilization, laundry and heating.

Discussing the enhancement of the cogeneration system

The solar water heating converts the sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector instead of electrical power. For that purpose, we installed 60 solar panels over 120 m², which produce 2000 kWh/year. 

Discussing the enhancement of the solar water heating
Solar panels at Dar Al Chifaa Hospital

Last week, our team visited the hospital for further enhancements regarding the eco-friendly technologies. We proposed new projects which will be studied and applied in the near future.

Checking the cogeneration system

L to R: Rana El Dhaybi, Rayane El Dik, Jinane Tannous, Dr. Bilal Taher, Dr. Louay El Soufi, Hanane Al Ayoubi, Rima Hoblos, Sara Mostafa