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AEE Eastern Africa Solar Hot Water Training

AEPEA, in partnership with Eenovators and Thermaltricity, hosted the solar hot water workshop. This workshop was aimed at stimulating key stakeholders to be involved in building capacity as the country moves towards embracing renewable energy and towards meeting the global energy goals. The workshop took place over a two-day period February 15-16, 2018. A total of 60 participants were present at the workshop, drawn from both the public and private sector and represented diverse professions. The representation included solar technicians and contractors, plumbers, renewable energy consultants, energy training firms, energy research bodies, the hospitality industry, government institutions, manufacturers, the real estate industry.

The workshop was facilitated by a panel of industry experts from both the local and global sphere, with the requisite qualifications, competencies and experience to guide discussions and generate useful dialogue. Facilitators included i) Mr. Nickson Bukachi (ERC) leading on regulations and licensing, ii) Mr. Eric Hawkins (Thermaltricity), the lead facilitator, conducting both the interactive knowledge transfer sessions and demonstration components, and iii) Mr. Chris Mbori (Eenovators), the lead workshop organizer, providing background logistics while facilitating certain sessions.