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AEE Attends Semana de la Energía, in Montevideo, Uruguay

The Marketing Director of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Andrea Taylor, attended the VIII Semana de la Energía (Energy Week) in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the first two days of the conference. Organized by the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) the event was held concurrently with IRENA’s I Investment Forum.

This Energy Week created a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge about the region’s energy sector, bringing together governments, companies, academia and international agencies to promote opportunities focused on innovation, as well as a fair and inclusive energy transition.

While AEE did not engage in the panel discussions, Ms. Taylor’s presence underscored the association’s commitment to global energy dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The discussions Ms. Taylor attended focused heavily on green hydrogen as a beacon for the region’s sustainable future, along with a continued emphasis on energy efficiency and the electrification of transportation systems. The event provided a unique platform for considering these initiatives within the broader context of Latin America’s energy landscape.

Significantly, the event highlighted the critical role of women in the energy sector, advocating for greater participation and addressing women-related issues. This recognition dovetails with AEE’s own goals of inclusivity within the industry.

One of the key takeaways from Ms. Taylor’s perspective was the unmistakable need for intercountry cooperation within Latin America. The sentiment was clear: to achieve the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement, synergy between nations is not just beneficial but necessary. This extends to the need for shared strategies in leveraging the region’s wealth of critical minerals, an opportunity for growth if paired with responsible governance and collaboration between the private sector, governments, international organizations, and academia.

Ms. Taylor also met with representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay where AEE’s Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) certification professional is a requirement to become an Energy Savings Certifier Agent in Uruguay.

The launch of the IEA’s first-ever Latin America Energy Outlook during the event was a pivotal moment, drawing attention to the region’s energy potential and the need for a sound legal framework to support sustainable projects.

The high attendance, including key figures from regional governments and agencies such as the IDB, IRENA, World Bank, EU, CEPAL, and IAEA, highlighted the event’s significance and AEE’s alignment with its core message. As AEE continues to foster awareness and drive membership, AEE’s attendance at such events is instrumental in placing AEE at the forefront of the international energy conservation community.

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