2021 March Member Webinar | Andrei Ceclan

Energy Management in Local Communities: From Opportunity to Impact

by Andrei Ceclan, Certified Energy Manager, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Thursday, March 18, 2021 
2:00 PM (EST) | 8:00 PM (EET/GMT+2) 
Streaming Live from Romania
Presented in English

A brief and evidence-based webinar on how local communities (cities and towns) can approach the energy flow is proposed, with a focus on the main energy carriers, utilities and public infrastructure, associated with a package of energy efficiency solutions.

Across the world the cities, towns and cities are representing a large-scale aggregated energy user in buildings, district heating, water supply and waste-water sewage, transportation within the community, waste collection, street lighting etc.

The webinar shall reflect the experience in urban energy management from more than 20 local communities, with case studies, energy data and balances for different from small scale to large scale cities, with the aim to assess opportunities and their effective impact given by a Certified Energy Manager if engaged in this issue with public and private local stakeholders.

A presentation on different applied energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will be delivered with examples and impact evaluation, in terms of achieved energy savings, cost savings and COreduction.


Dr. Andrei Ceclan is actively involved in energy management projects in Romania and several other EU countries, as a Certified Energy Manager (AEE), acting as president of the Romanian Society of Energy Auditors and Energy Managers and as an active member of Association of Energy Engineers.

He has 16 years of experience in energy efficiency and energy management in different public infrastructure and deep renovation of buildings. Currently he is engaged with his team in seven ongoing Horizon 2020 European projects dealing with energy management and innovative energy efficiency solutions: