The Certified Lighting Efficiency
-in-Training (CLEPIT™)


AEE's Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional-in-Training (CLEPIT) program is designed to provide recognition for professionals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the field of lighting efficiency. The designation CLEPIT identifies individuals who have demonstrated high levels of experience, competence, proficiency, and ethical fitness, bringing to their professional activities the full scope of knowledge requisite to the development and implementation of effective lighting efficiency solutions within the commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental market sectors.

The prerequisites to qualify for the certification process have been designed to take into account the possible diversity of education and practical experience an individual may have. However each CLEP candidate must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A four-year engineering or architectural degree from an accredited university or college, and/or P.E., and/or R.A., and/or CEM®, with less than three years experience in lighting efficiency.

Examination and Training Requirement
All candidates for CLEPIT certification must attend one of AEE's preparatory CLEP training seminars, and complete and pass the four-hour written CLEP examination. Information on seminar training options is provided below. Examination questions are based on concepts and experiences basic to the principles, practices, and laws governing the entire field of lighting efficiency. The exam is open book, and questions are a mixture of multiple choice and true-false.

Fees for the CLEPIT certification process are as follows:

  • Certification Application and Examination:
    • $300 if exam is taken in conjunction with AEE's 3-day live training seminar
    • $400 if exam is taken at a remote testing center following completion of AEE's realtime online CLEP training seminar
  • Seminar Registration:
    • Live Seminar Option: $1,450 for AEE members / government / nonprofit; $1,550 for non-AEE members
    • Realtime Online Seminar Option: $1050 for AEE members / government / nonprofit; $1150 for non-AEE members

These fees must be paid at the time the CLEPIT application and the seminar registration are submitted. No application or examination fee refunds are allowed.  

How to Apply for CLEPIT Certification

Application Deadlines: Your completed application must be received by the Certification Administrator at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the examination for which you wish to sit.


All CLEPIT candidates are required to complete either the 3-day live Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency training program at one of its scheduled locations, or the web-based seminar, Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency (12 hours in 6 two-hour online sessions) offered several times each year.

Note: Registering for the seminar does not automatically register you for the CLEP exam. After completing your seminar registration, return to this page, and go to STEP TWO. The links below will take you to seminar course information, current schedules and access to online seminar registration:

SEMINAR OPTION 1 (live seminar):
SEMINAR OPTION 2 (online seminar):

Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency
3-day live seminar
Earns 2.0 CEU

Click above link for seminar description, dates and locations, fee information, and online registration.

NOTE: If you register for the live seminar, when you go to STEP TWO below, be sure to use the CLEP certification application designated for those taking the CLEP exam in conjunction with a regularly scheduled AEE live CLEP training seminar.

Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency
12-hour (over 6 days) realtime online seminar
Earns 1.2 CEU

Click above link for seminar description, dates and times, fee information, and online registration

NOTE: If you register for the online seminar, when you go to STEP TWO below, be sure to use the CLEP certification application designated for those taking the CLEP exam at one of our computer-based remote testing centers following completion of the online CLEP training seminar.



After you have completed your seminar registration, click the appropriate link below to complete your CLEP Certification/Exam application:

CLEPIT Certification/Exam Application

Maintaining Certification
The CLEPIT certification is awarded for six years. If the candidate does not meet the full CLEP requirements in this time period, the CLEPIT designation will be dropped.

For Additional Information About CLEPIT Certification...
If you have any questions about CLEPIT certification, please write, call or email:
Francine Seskin, CLEPIT Certification Director, (770) 447-5083, ext. 223,