Government Operator of
High Performance Buildings



The GOHP Certification is presented by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)

The GOHP training and certification program is an expansion of existing industry recognized training programs and is a collaboration of AEE and AFE. The GOHP training is designed to provide energy management, sustainability and operations and maintenance training for government personnel and contractors operating Government High Performance Buildings.

This course will assist Building Operators and Facility Managers in operating buildings in accordance with industry best practices and standards, reducing energy consumption and costs, improving the working environment, and reducing the environmental impacts of government facilities. 

The GOHP Certification examination confirms core competencies necessary for facility management and operations of government high performance buildings.



To raise the professional standards of those engaged in the operation and maintenance of government high performance buildings.

To improve the practice of high performance buildings by encouraging professionals to partake in a continuing education program of professional development in high performance building operations and maintenance.

To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of high performance buildings through completing the certification and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct.

To award special recognition to those energy professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness in high performance building operations.


GOHP Eligibility Requirements

The candidate for GOHP certification must meet one of the following criteria:

Education   Work Experience
High school diploma/GED      AND 3+ years of experience in facility management,
sustainability or operations/maintenance of
commercial, industrial, and government buildings
1 year or technical school or college      AND     2+ years of experience in facility management,
sustainability or operations/maintenance of
commercial, industrial, and government buildings
Bachelor's degree, Professional Engineer (PE)
or Registered Architect (RA)
     AND 1+ years of experience in facility management,
sustainability or operations/maintenance of
commercial, industrial, and government buildings


The Required Body of Knowledge

The effective practice of energy and sustainability requires in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. However, the candidate need only demonstrate the knowledge and ability to apply the essentials of building energy and sustainability to the satisfaction of the certification board


Gaining the GOHP Designation

To be awarded the GOHP designation, candidates must attend the Fundamentals of Facility Management for Government High Performance Buildings Seminar prior to taking the GOHP exam. A minimum pass rate of 70% on the examination is required. The certification director keeps examination scores on file for a period of three years. Applicants that do not receive certification status can request that their applications be resubmitted to the GOHP Board, if during that three-year period their exam score, education or experience level changes.


Recommended Professional Reference Books


The GOHP Examination

The examination will be administered by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Each applicant must complete the written exam. The applicant is given four hours to complete the exam. Dates and locations are determined by the GOHP Board. Candidates are notified of this information by the GOHP Director. The examination questions are based on concepts and experiences basic to high performance buildings for government operators from recognized tests and supplemental reading. The exam is open book!

A certification administrator will proctor the examination. This administrator may be an AEE executive, an educator, a testing expert or agency, or whomever the certification board deem appropriate. The certification will consist of multiple choice questions.

Grading is accomplished by the GOHP Director. Examinations are identified by number rather than by the candidate’s name to assure confidentiality and objective grading.

The written GOHP examination deals with such subjects as

  • High Performance Building Rating Systems
  • Energy Auditing
  • Lighting
  • Energy Savings
  • HVAC Systems
  • High Performance Building Technologies
  • Heating & Refrigeration Systems
  • Controls
  • Retrocommissioning


Fees for the GOHP certification process are as follows:

  • Certification Application and Examination: $400
  • Certification Renewal: $300
  • Seminar Registration for AEE & AFE members / government / nonprofit: $1,595
  • Seminar Registration for non-members: $1,795

These fees must be paid at the time the GOHP application and the seminar registration are submitted. No application or examination fee refunds are allowed.

How to Apply for GOHP Certification

Application Deadlines: Your completed application must be received by the Certification Administrator 3 weeks prior to date of the examination for which you wish to sit in order to guarantee you are pre-registered for the examination.  After this date, you may be required to complete a waiver on-site if your name is not pre-registered

All GOHP candidates are required to complete the 4-day live Fundamentals of Facility Management for Government High Performance Buildings training program at one of its scheduled locations.

Note: Registering for the seminar does not automatically register you for the GOHP exam. After completing your seminar registration, return to this page, and go to STEP TWO. The links below will take you to seminar course information, current schedules and access to online seminar registration:


Fundamentals of Facility Management for Government High Performance Buildings
4-day live seminar
Earns 3.2 CEU

Click above link for seminar description, dates and locations, fee information, and online registration.

After you have completed your seminar registration, click the link below to complete your GOHP Certification/Exam application:



Maintaining Certification 

For information on maintaining your certification, please go to our certification renewals website.

For Additional Information About GOHP Certification...

If you have any questions about GOHP certification, please call or email:

 Michelle Zakin Leclerc, GOHP Certification Director
(770) 447-5083, ext. 219